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are essential to our mission.

Access to products without access to information is not a sustainable intervention. We are not only about creating awareness, but also lasting habits. We have developed a module that is built to systematically shift knowledge, attitude and practices around menstruation and make menstruators better informed and equipped. Our surveys show that 90% of attendees thought the workshops were informative and beneficial, and 40% of attendees now feel that menstruation is a biological process, as compared to only 11% before our workshops!


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28th August 2021

After India, Nepal is our largest impact country. With effective international partnerships with HEAR Nepal and Save the Child Foundation, we are constantly creating impact across the country. With both of our partners, till date we have impacted 10,000 menstruators.

Arunachal Pradesh

28th August 2021

With Amya Trust as our implementation partner, our team of two Baala Bosses conducted workshop and pad distribution across Roing district of Arunachal Pradesh. The project was implemented for 1 month and benefitted 250 menstruators. In 2021, we are hoping to increase our footprint in the northeastern states of India, after the overwhelming response in Arunachal.

Uttar Pradesh

6th September 2021

11th to 12th February 2020 with GMR as the corporate partner, our team of four Baala Bosses conducted workshops and Baala pad distributions.View Gallery

Haridwar (Uttarakhand)

6th September 2021

4th to 6th February 2020 Our team of 5 Baala Bosses explored a new location where we directly benefitted 4560 menstruators in 15 schools of Bahadarabad,Roorkie, Bhaagwanpur and Narsan blocksView Gallery


28th August 2021

Our long term collaboration with Baala Warwick and IGEA Enterprise, we are creating an ongoing impact in Africa. Till date, we have impacted 2000 menstruators in Ghana, Tanzania and South Africa.


28th August 2021

Our enthusiastic team of two Baala Bosses with SRID as our implementation partner conducted workshop and pad distribution across Bandipora and Srinagar districts of Kashmir. The project was implemented for 1 month and benefitted 250 menstruators.

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