What We Do

We are an innovative menstrual health solutions provider working to end period poverty and period illiteracy
 while generating employment.

Our mission is to ensure that every menstruator has access to affordable and sustainable menstrual hygiene
solutions. Baala caters to demand, supply and income needs in the menstrual health sector. Our 3 pillar solution 
includes a sustainable menstrual absorbent, awareness modules and livelihood model.

Status of Menstruators in India

How do menstruators in India experience menstruation?


Our technically designed reusable sanitary pads solve the issues of affordability and accessibility of menstrual hygiene products. With a reuse cycle of two years, we provide a pad that is safe and hygienic in addition to comfort and ease of use. Our pads have been developed after years of community experience combined with decades of expertise in textile technology.

Our specialised awareness curriculum systematically educates and dispels myths and misinformation around menstruation. The curriculum is divided into eight modules that allow a holistic understanding and management of periods without incurring extra costs. Additionally, we have curated unique menstrual hygiene curriculums for female athletes and coaches, men and boys, teachers, corporate offices, factory workers and more. This allows us to target and customise awareness across different communities.

With a commitment to long-term sustainable impact, we have created Baala Associates across communities in rural India. Baala Associates are village-level women entrepreneurs who spread local awareness and sell pads as a source of additional income for themselves and the organisation.

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What makes our pads awesome

We’re glad you asked!

Baala pads were created keeping sustainability and comfort in mind. The pads can be reused for up to two years and are feature-rich. Not only are they super absorbent and fast-drying, but they are also anti-bacterial and leak proof to ensure safety and ease of use. Our pads are certified and are manufactured in India.

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Spreading Awareness

Our awareness workshops aim to educate girls and women about menstruation and menstrual health and hygiene while combating harmful myths and taboos.

We make women financially independent by creating village-level women entrepreneurs- Baala Associates. They are spokespeople &
salespeople for Baala and are able to generate livelihood for themselves and the organisation.

Featured Projects


In November 2022, we launched a district-wide implementation in Kohima, Nagaland with the district administration. The project impacted a total of 30,000 individuals who menstruate


28th August 2021

After India, Nepal is our largest impact country. With effective international partnerships with HEAR Nepal and Save the Child Foundation, we are constantly creating impact across the country. With both of our partners, till date we have impacted 15,000 menstruators.

Arunachal Pradesh

28th August 2021

With Amya Trust as our implementation partner, our team of two Baala Bosses conducted workshops and pad distribution across Roing district of Arunachal Pradesh. The project was implemented for 1 month and benefitted 250 menstruators. We continue to expand our work in the Northeast, after receiving very positive feedback.

Uttar Pradesh

6th September 2021

Conducted 11th to 12th February 2020 with GMR as the corporate partner, our team of four Baala Bosses conducted workshops and Baala pad distributions.

Haridwar (Uttarakhand)

6th September 2021

4th to 6th February 2020 Our team of 5 Baala Bosses explored a new location where we directly benefitted 4560 menstruators in 15 schools of Bahadarabad,Roorkie, Bhaagwanpur and Narsan blocksView Gallery


28th August 2021

Our long term collaboration with Baala Warwick and IGEA Enterprise, we are creating an ongoing impact in Africa. Till date, we have impacted 2000 menstruators in Ghana, Tanzania and South Africa.


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