“Regular pads caused itching and white discharge problems. I have been using the Baala Pads for over 2 months and both these problems have been solved. It is so comfortable that it doesn’t even feel like I am wearing a pad.”


“Even though my teacher skipped the chapter on menstruation, I am happy that Project Baala taught me about my body in a positive and healthy way!”


“Armed with a dedication to study and now, a solution to my mother’s foreboding, I am confident that periods will not deter my pursuit of education”


“I haven’t started menstruating yet but after the workshops I feel that I am prepared for my periods! I am not scared”

Margaret (Maggie)

“Initially I used disposable napkins that caused rashes and redness. I also used to end up using two disposable pads because of excessive bleeding. Baala has made my life easier, it is soft and comfortable even during heavy flow.”

Poonam Prajapat

“With Project Baala’s reusable sanitary pads, I no longer have to worry about where and when to dispose of my used pads!”