Faridabad, Haryana 

29 April, 2017

Before rain hit this courtyard, it was bustling with hundreds of these young girls in this government school in Faridabad. With support from Polymedicure Ltd., this workshop was super successful and super required. 

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Ghej Village, Uttar Pradesh 

We celebrated women's day with the spirited women of Ghej Village in Uttar Pradesh. All these women had incredible strories to share and their journeys were a joy to be part of. Definitely the best women's day that has been celebrated by the team!  

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Pelivendula, Andhra Pradesh 

December, 2016

The Baala team flew to Hyderabad to take an overnight train to Pelivendula where two workshops were organized by The YSR Foundation. These workshops were for a group of 1000 girls studying in the local schools. The accetability of periods by the boys and girls was a tremendous showcase of their developed mental capacity and communal spirit. The trip tp Pelivendula is one to remember for the team! 

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Poorn Nagar, Uttar Pradesh 

September, 2016

A four hour drive from Delhi, we went into the villages knocking on doors and shouting out that we had 'something' to give to the women. With the thought of recieving new clothes or food, we pleasantly surprised the women and girls of this area with our workshop.
It was a day to remember!  

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Jeetari Village, Uttar Pradesh  

Novemeber, 2016

With Round Table India, we took on our journet to Jeetari to conduct a workshop for 430 girls in the village. With a beautiful buidling maintained with the support of Round Table and a team of enthusiastic teachers, this workshop was a very fun experience. The energy of the student and teachers was infectious!

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Nangloi, India 

December, 2016

With an incredible faculty, this school was a school with a difference! The BK international school students surprised us with their enthusiasm for the cause and their relentless motivation to be treated equally as any man in the world. Their voices saying ' We are menstrauting and we are proud! 'still echo in the hearts of the team. 

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Mangar Village, Haryana 

September, 2016

This workshop was conducted for the women in Mangar Village in Haryana. Sat in the aanganwaadi with the smell of freshly fried pooris, this truly is a day to remember. Especially after having lived with the Mangar village women for a month, the experience for Soumya was unparalled.  

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Pathways School, Haryana 

27th August, 2016

It was an incredibly special session with Pathways school, Haryana. After training the Pathways School girls to become Baala trainers, the Project Baala team was accompanied by these students to conduct a workshop in the surrounding villages. The workshop was truly special with the Pathways girls playing their parts diligently and wonderfully! 

Out young trainees at Pathways made us proud! 


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Workshops and Sessions with Inner Wheel Club of Metro Maidan 

Inner wheel club of metro maidan has already organized 2 workshops in West Bengal, one fund raising event for Project Baala, are almost trained to become Baala  deliverers and are currently organising their 3rd workshop. Their commitment to the cause is an inspiration for the Project Baala team. 

A BIG THANK YOU to Inner Wheel Club of Calcutta Metro Maidan for their consistent encouragement to support more girls in India! #AwarenessIsKey  

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Train the Trainer session at Ashoka University, Sonipat 

Februrary and March 2017 

Young adults at Ashoka University were trained to further the Project Baala mission. These young girls were trained over 2 days to become deliverers of workshops for Project Baala. 

Training young trainers to join the Project Baala mission at Ashoka University! #TrainTheTrainer #ProjectBaala  

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 Jharkhand Tribals- Champions of Change 

22nd April, 2017

Project Baala now has 15 ChampionsOfChange who are from the tribal villages of Jharkhand at risk of trafficking. Ahaan Foundation empowers these girls who have now gone onto become Mukhiyas, marathon runners, football champions and a lot more. We met Rupni yesterday whose courage is an inspiration to Team Baala. She was only five years old when her family sold her to another village, soon after her father was killed in a drunken squabble. But Rupni has come a long way since then - she fought the odds with her unbeatable spirit and has grown into an enterprising young woman. She now lives in Delhi, has given a Ted Talk in Allahabad, and plans to run a marathon ! The budding athlete told Baala that she loved the workshop and the fact that she got to talk freely about her periods and ask questions. She is now our champion and like the rest of the 14 girls will conduct Baala awareness workshops in her village. #ProjectBaala #ChampionsOfChange #SalutingSpirits  

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Wazirabad Village, Delhi  

26th August, 2016


This workshop was conducted in a vocational training centre in Wazirabad. In addition to the Baala workshop on awareness and hygiene, a special session on stitiching cloth pads was also held with the women here. It was truly a wonderful experience.  

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 Ladies Circle India - Charity March with Project Baala

March 2017 

Ladies Circle India adopted Project Baala as their Charit March project! This wonderful collaboration allowed us to reach 9 different states of India to work with 927 girls. 

Exercising the power to empower young girls in India.Warm thank you to all the Ladies Circles for their support. Let us make menstruation a non-issue! #ProjectBaala 

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Baala workshop in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand 

19 March 2017

Traveling into rural Jharkhand has been one of the most overwhelming experience for Team Baala. It was a wonderful opportunity to share the weekend with hundreds of young minds in Jharkhand 😄  

 Did you know that 1 in every 5 girl in India drop out of school at the onset of menstruation? Well, we won't allow that anymore.#ActionBringsChange #ProjectBaala 

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