The Solution
Awareness and Education
We conduct awareness workshops to educate about menstruation, menstrual hygiene practices and help reject myths and taboos
Sustaining Hygenic Mentrual Protection
We distribute a kit of 3 re-usable cloth sanitary pads to each girl, which will provide them up to 2 years of sustainable and hygienic menstrual protection
Baala Sanitary Pads

A Baala pad is a technically designed form of menstrual protection.

Top Layer: A soft, quick-dry layer designed to allow the blood to permeate quickly and avoid the feeling of wetness.
Middle Layer: A high-absorbent core that serves to soak the blood.
Bottom Layer: A leak-proof layer (like in a commercial disposable pad) that prohibits staining through seepage.

We distribute a kit of 3 pads to each girl that will provide her up to 2 years of menstrual protection

Project Baala held two huge
workshops in the heart of Delhi
to over 450 girls & women!
Every girl has the right
to live her life without any
obstacles holding her back, and
Project Baala is providing a
helping hand to young girls
Project Baala has reduced
13,200 trucks of waste since
it's inception by making women
switch to more environmental
friendly alternatives!
We believe that women do
not have to succumb to society's
pressure and should live
freely and happily.
The response we receive at
our workshops is so overwhelming.
It motivates us to work harder
and make every girl receive
the education that they deserve
around menstruation.
Every time we go and speak
to the women in different villages
across India, we become more and
more aware of how pressing
issues around menstrual hygiene are.
Help us to keep up this spirit
amongst the 85% of girls in India
who lose their confidence on
the onset of periods.
Your menstrual cycle is not the
time when you're 'down'. Its the
time when your body reminds you
that you're a healthy growing
woman capable of reaching high
and spreading your magic!
Project Baala holds workshops to
help these girls and their families
understand that #menstruation is
not 'impure' or a 'punishment'
Pooja and Riya are now amongst
the 1500 girls in Alwar who have
promised to be the flag bearer's
of Baala's message to all the
women in the community.