1) Educating about Menstruation and Menstrual Hygiene through a fun and interactive 1 hour sessions, we discuss the following:

    - Why we menstruate

    - How to manage period pain

    - How to maintain a hygienic period

    - When to visit a doctor 

    - What to eat to ensure energy during menstruation 

    - Discussion on myths and taboos 

    - Question and answer session 


 2) Distribution of Baala pads : 

This is followed by distribution of Baala pads. The pad has a quick dry top, a high absorbent core and a leak-proof back. But what makes it special is that it is re-usable up to 2 years, and is biodegradable. We distribute a kit of 3 pads to each girl. Enabling usage of these pads allows us to eliminate three major problems: 

    a) Risk of infection caused by using unclean cloth 

    b) Burden of expense for girls to continuously purchase sanitary pads 

    c) Immense pollution created by disposal of synthetic sanitary pads


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