About us 

We are a team of recently graduated college students passionate about improving lives of women and young girls around the world. and started the project with University funding. 

After spending 2 years doing research through several village visits, conversations with industry leaders, market analysis and product experimentation, we believe we have come up with a viable solution to help millions of women and young girls deal with menstruation in a healthy way. 

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The Team 

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is an economics graduate from the University of Warwick and has worked in Africa and Haryana in the development sector. In addition to working towards empowering women, she has created two other social projects and is a trained Indian classical singer and contemporary dancer.
Project Coordinator 


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is an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad with a Bachelors in Psychology from Lady Shri Ram College. She spent the past two years doing extensive research about menstrual health and hygiene by visiting multiple villages and interacting with industry leaders, punctuated by surfing lessons and climbing the Everest base camp.
Project Coordinator 


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Project Intern: May 2017-Present

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is a Math, Operations, Research, Statistics, Economics (MORSE) graduate from the University of Warwick. He is currently working as a auditor for a big European bank and is really passionate about helping to empower women. In addition to developing our website, he entertains himself by climbing peaks such as Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu etc.  
Tech Guy: Feb 2017-Present


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is an undergraduate student of Economics at Lady Shri Ram College, passionate about the cause of women empowerment and a potential career in the development sector. An avid reader, amateur writer and dancer, and a self-proclaimed chai connoisseur. Her ambitions include attaining fluency in Mandarin and diving in the Great Barrier Reef.
Project Intern: May 2017- Present


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is a recent MBA graduate from IIM A, and engineer from NSIT, Delhi. From volunteering as a teacher to using technology for social hacks, she has tried to be at different places. Buzzing with loads of ideas, this diminutive person can be deceptive with her looks, whether it is about her guitar skills, playing badminton and squash, or taking up novel tasks. 
Project Intern: May 2017